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FARMASI Makeup Time Locker, Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, Oil-Free, Lightweight, All-Day Wear Revitalizes, Natural Finish, 3.9 fl. oz / 115 ml


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Product Description


Always Look Stunning by Starting with a Beautifully Flawless Foundation


When it comes to putting your ‘best face forward’ it all starts with the right foundation. And with FARMASI VFX Pro Foundation you can be camera ready the moment you walk out the door. Designed free from minerals oils or parabens our flawless foundation helps prime your face, forehead, cheeks, and chin with smooth, even application that enhances your natural tone and hides blemishes and imperfections for a gorgeous finish that leaves you feeling confident. And because it offers all-day coverage that’s clean and comfortable you’ll always be ready to make a first impression memorable.


Product Details:

  • Luxury Liquid Foundation Makeup
  • Natural Vanilla Color
  • All-Day Coverage
  • No Mess, No Clumping
  • Fingertip or Sponge Application
  • Infused with Skin-Hydrating Ingredients
  • No Mineral Oils, Parabens, or Fragrances
  • Volume: 30 mL


Small Feature #1

Look Flawless, Feel Stunning

Our liquid cream foundation was designed to blend seamlessly across the skin and provide a “buildable” base for you to enhance coloration, tone, and overall style.


Small Feature #2

Breathable, Ultra-Thin Finish

The most important factor behind our camera-ready foundation is that it lets the skin breathe without feeling weighty or heavy so you can reduce skin irritations or breakouts.




Large Feature #1

Reveal the Beautiful You

FARMASi foundation is designed to help enhance your natural tone and provide a base that’s flawless, so you can look and feel more like yourself with a youthful complexion that leaves you feeling stunning, confident, and ready to take on every new day with a fresh, clean face.


Large Feature #2

Nourish and Protect Skin

The addition of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E protects against external damage such as harsh sun rays, other makeups, and external stressors. And because they’re fortified with antioxidants our makeup foundation provides another layer to protect your skin as you go about your day.



Small Feature #1

Decrease Pore Visibility

The evenness of our versatile foundation also helps decrease overall pore volume or visibility which can create a smoother, more even finish that helps enhance skin tone.


Small Feature #2

Travel-Friendly Bottle Size

At 30 mL our liquid foundation is easy to use in the bathroom when you’re getting ready in front of a vanity mirror, or you can take it with you to create a clean base on the go.


Small Feature #3

Be Unstoppable for Hours

A beautiful shade that’s lightweight and breathable our foundation can last for hours to better support long days at work, travel, and evenings where you want to look your best.


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